We heard the rumors. We confirmed the rumors. And now, it's here. Taco Bell is serving breakfast, and EVERYONE is lovin' it. Even Ronald McDonald.

In one of the most clever ads I've seen since K-Mart's "Ship Your Pants" campaign, Taco Bell got a group of guys named Ronald McDonald from all over the nation to appear in a new commercial telling everyone how much they LOVE the new breakfast at Taco Bell.

The new breakfast menu rolled out today (3/27) and it looks like Taco Bell is pulling out all the stops to get the word out. Two of the Ronald McDonalds are actually from Louisiana.

The three main offerings on the breakfast menu include a Waffle Taco with your choice of sausage or bacon and eggs, cheese and syrup; The A.M. Crunchwrap with your choice of bacon or sausage with scrambled eggs, hash browns and cheese in a flour tortilla; and and Cinnabon Delights which I'm guessing are very similar to the cinnamon twists.

What's even crazier is that initially, the ad agency that created the concept for the commercial had located over 400 men named Ronald McDonald, but ended up going with 25. I think it's safe to say that number was enough to get their point across.

Have you tried Taco Bell breakfast yet? If so, give us your review in the comments below!