Jacob, Isabella Top Baby Names List for 2010
Jacob and Isabella topped the Social Security Administration's annual list of popular baby names, released Thursday.
Yes, those are also the names of two main characters in a certain vampire-based romance saga. But before 'Twilight' fans get too cocky, realize that Edward came in at 13…
Simon Admits Idol Is Better Off Without Him
If anyone else in the same situation would have said this, I'd call B.S. but since it's coming from a man who is famous for being BRUTALLY honest I have to say I'm convinced that he is telling the truth. Simon Cowell sat with CNN's Piers Morgan openly coming out to say that this …
Panther Fans…Just For A Day
We really aren't sure who made this picture, but it is definitely the truth if you are a Saints fan. The Saints defeated the Atlanta Falcons last Monday Night which put them a step closer to getting back to the Super Bowl by way of New Orleans.
The United State Of Pop 2010
Dj Earworm has done it again. You may remember his United State Of Pop 2009, that recapped the biggest songs of it's respective year. He put the biggest songs together in one autotuned melodic mashup.
Top Facebook Status Trends of 2010
When you think about what you saw the most this year in your Facebook News Feed does "HMU" come to mind ? Yeah, me neither, but it somehow made it to the top of the charts when it came to the "Top Facebook Status Update Trends of 2010"
10 Most Overrated Things About 2010
2010 has been a big year for "overrated" things and people. It gave us "the most successful movie ever," predicted "the biggest TV event in history," and announced that at least one artist (and one group of television stars) were "bigger…