Chris Reed’s Top-5 Songs Of 2012 [VIDEO]
This morning I played my Top-5 Songs Of The Year, not that my list really means anything, and my top song of the year came from an artist we knew nothing about a year ago. Here are the Top-5 songs I personally think had the biggest impact on the music industry in 2012.
22 Music Artists Who Made Themselves Known In 2012
2012 was a year that introduced us to a lot of brand new artists, and gave a lot of others who have been in the game for a minute, their proper time to shine. From the underground world of hip-hop, to the mainstream and country, our ears got a lot of great music from a slew of musical talent...
2012 MTV Movie Awards Categories Revealed
Yesterday MTV announced the nominee categories for the 2012 MTV Movie Awards, and that the band FUN. will be performing at the show! The awards will take place on June 3rd in Universal City, California. For this year's awards, 5 new categories have been added, Best Music, Best On Screen Transfo…
TIME’S Most Influential
A few weeks ago, TIME Magazine revealed the names it was considering for its annual list of the ’100 Most Influential People in the World.’ Reader votes determined one person, while the rest were selected by the magazine’s editors.
Best Video Games of 2012 (So Far)
It’s no stretch to say that 2012 has some of the best video games of all time. While we still suffer from a glut of video games before the holidays and right at the end of every year, game publishers are finally starting to learn to spread the releases out a bit. Thanks to stiff competition the firs…
Theme Song For 2012: Jay Sean 2012 [VIDEO]
Well 2012 is here and so are we...........so far.  I think its safe to say most of us have heard to rumors of the world ending by the start of this year, so I found a video that will put a smile on your face and think differently.
Rihanna Parties With Diddy on New Year’s Eve
While most of her fellow pop divas like Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj worked on New Year’s Eve by performing, Rihanna took it easy. Sort of. The 23-year-old singer spent her NYE partying with rap mogul and Vodka purveyor Diddy.
She hung out instead of rocking out and that’s quite okay, since she had such…

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