7 GOOD Things That Happened So Far In 2016
With many bad things being portrayed in the news, including shootings, celebrity deaths, and more, I thought it was time that we list off some of the GOOD things that have happened so far this year.
Steve Gleason Act Heads To Presidents Desk
This act will make speech generating devices more accessible for those that are affected by ALS or other diseases that effect the brain's ability to control speech. This funding will be made possible through our nations Medicare and Medicaid programs.
Jay’s ALS Challenge Video Is Not Like What You’ve Been Seeing
I can't tell you how many people I've seen doused with Ice water in the ALS bucket challenge.  And, I think for the most part, my Facebook friends (more than half of whom I've never met) get what this is about.
But I have to say, in some of these videos, it's been more "hey look at me while I ge…

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