14 First World Problems Created By iOS 7
Whether you're an iPhone fan or not, you're probably well aware iOS 7 was released yesterday. For all non-users, this basically means the phone's software was amped up a bit, which sounds like it'd be totally cool, but as soon as people could download it, Twitter exploded with co…
10 Hilarious Siri Conversations
Siri, iPhone's voice-activated personal assistant, has a reputation of being kind of a jerk. Sure she's a tad snarky and sometimes sarcastic, but she's totally misunderstood, guys. In fact, Siri's actually pretty darn funny!
Viral Video Star ‘Sweet Brown’ Is Suing Apple [VIDEO]
Viral Video Star Kimberly Wilkins, aka Sweet Brown, is suing Apple because a song on iTunes uses the sample, "Ain't Nobody Got Time For That." The artist/producer allegedly did not get her permission to use the sample, and now Wilkins wants to be compensated.
Apple Sold Out Of The iPhone 5 In One Hour
Apple announced the released the latest and greatest in their iPhone line earlier this week. The iPhone 5 was set to hit stores on September 21, but if you didn't lock in your pre-order, you're out of luck. When pre-orders opened up Thursday at midnight (2AM our time), Apple sold out of th…
What Does Apple Have In Store For Us At WWDC 2012?
Later today, Apple will reveal what new technology and gadgetry they have in store for us at their annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The keynote is scheduled for later this morning, so by noon we will all be looking forward to the day that we can line up to get whatever unnecessary prod…

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