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Kim Kardashian Baby Bump – Finally Revealed [PHOTO]
Four months into Kim Kardashian's pregnancy, we have finally seen the baby bump that houses little 'Kimye.' The latest collaborative effort between Kim and her boyfriend Kanye West made a photo appearance last night as Kim was on her way to a workout in L.A.
Is Beyonce’s Baby Bump Fake??? [VIDEO]
Rumors have been swirling for weeks now that Beyonce's "baby bump" may be FAKE!!! Some are saying that her "baby bump" is nothing more than a prosthetic, mainly made of foam. Will there be a baby in the life of Jay-Z and Beyonce, yes, and here is where the ru…
Top 10 Celebrity Baby Bumps
Recently Mariah Carey posted a very interesting picture of her baby bump, it was different, and I'm not sure if Mariah wanted a little attention when she tweeted this pic or she really thought it was cool.