Internet Baby Naming Contest Thankfully a Hoax
Last week we reported that a horrible  mom was letting the internet vote to decide the name of her child for a measly $5,000. We can now thankfully say that the whole thing was a big, stinking hoax, perpetrated by none other than the company holding the contest.
Mother Forces Her Screaming Baby To Get Tattoo [VIDEO]
In one of the most disturbing videos I have seen in quite some time, a woman - named as the mother - is seen holding down her screaming baby as she forces it to get a tattoo. The baby is clearly seen crying as it squirms and struggles to get away from the needle jamming into his arm.
Baby Is Just As Confused By Roomba As We Are
Babies don't have to be laughing to be cute. This one is just very confused, and it's working for her. To be fair, she has every right to be confused -- her parents stuck her on a robot that is carting her around her living room. Babies don't understand Roombas...
Amazing Photo Shows Unborn Baby Grabbing Doctors Finger [PHOTO]
In the cutest photo I've seen all year (har-har) an unborn baby is shown grabbing a doctors finger in the midst of a C-section. The mother of this soon-to-be internet superstar baby is Alicia Atkins (who also happens to be a photographer) uploaded the photo to Facebook, and also printed it on c…

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