First Ever Baby DJ School Now Exists
From Bottles to Beats. They used to use rattles and now they use beat machines. Its the first ever Baby DJ school put on by Brooklyn's Cool Pony. It's the next generation's Pee Pee Diddy, Kanye Mess, Lil Brain and NuNu Minaj. They are teaching toddlers how to make beats. Cool concept,…
Thirteen Pound Baby Girl Delivered Naturally [VIDEO]
13.47 pound baby girl Jasleen was born on July 26, 2013, and is Germany's "heaviest" baby on record. Beating out the previous record of 13lbs. The best part is the Mom didn't want a C-section, she wanted it all Natural. How does a woman recover from that?
Watch This Dad Capture His Babies First Year One Second At A Time [VIDEO]
Babies get so big so fast. To prove it Sam Cornwell a professional photographer and Dad to his first born baby boy named Indigo, says as a photographer, he has taken many pictures of babies from birth to seeing them grown up to be Adults. So he took the opportunity when his baby was born, to take a…
A Baby That Plays Guitar Better Than The Black Keys [VIDEO]
Babies are so stinking cute, and they do amazing things every day. Everything from walking for the first time to saying Mama. This baby can not only play the guitar, but with the help of Rocksmith, he can play better than most professionals. Watch him take over the game and just JAM!

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