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Maria Aragon Talks To Lady Gaga (VIDEO)
She's probably the most popular thing in Winnipeg right now, and Maria Aragon is loving every minute of it. Earlier this week we introduced you to Maria with her amazing cover of Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way'-which even brought Gaga to tears and tweets...
10 yr Old Covers Gaga & Brings Her To Tears (VIDEO)
I'm not sure what is up with 10 yr olds lately but, it seems like they are showing up left and right, with MAD talent. A young girl named Maria Aragon has brought Gaga to tears ... just days after Simon Cowell discovered and signed ANOTHER 10 yr old named Heather Russell.
GaGa’s New Song
Lady Gaga released "Born This Way" early this morning, it also hits I Tunes today as well. The Album, also titled "Born This Way" hit stores on May 23rd.
Lady Gaga’s New Artwork
Lady Gaga is releasing her new single "Born This Way" on Friday. She decided to release it a few days early, "Born This Way" was supposed to be released on Sunday, but Gaga tweeted "she could not wait any longer." The Album with the same title, w…
New Lady Gaga Song “Leaks Out”
We have been hearing about Lady Gaga's new song titled "Born This Way," and now it appears that the lyrics to the song have leaked. The lyrics have "leaked out" slowly, but now it appears that we may have the entire song at our finger tips.

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