Drake + Chris Brown Sued For $16 Million Over Night Club Brawl
Remember that huge NYC nightclub fight back in June between those two R&B dudes? A newly filed lawsuit in the Manhattan Supreme Court claims that Chris Brown and Drake are the ones responsible for starting the whole mess that sent bottles flying, not to mention numerous innocent bystanders t…
Usher Is Ready to Brawl on Billboard Cover
Usher is ready to brawl on the cover of the new issue of industry trade mag Billboard. He is putting up his dukes and is ready for a fight … at least in his pose. Usher, thanks to his music, strikes us as a lover, not a fighter.
The Worst Cheap Shot You’ll See In Baseball [Video]
Maybe my headline should have read...."The Worst Cheap Shot You'll See in Baseball....Sports....or IN LIFE!" My brother brought this video to my attention during a family gathering on Easter Sunday. While watching the video, I could not believe my eyes.  Keep your eyes on the offensive pla…