Breast Feeding

Did Time Magazine’s Cover of a Breastfeeding Mom Go Too Far?
This week’s issue of Time magazine features a cover story on attachment parenting, a controversial form of child-rearing that involves breastfeeding to an older age, co-sleeping and wearing children in slings. It also features a cover image of a mother breastfeeding her three-year-ol…
90’s Star Blossom Is Still Breastfeeding Her 3-Year-Old Son
There comes a time when you need to let your children make their own decisions.  At 3-years-old your parents still decide for you, but if your getting nutrients from mom, it MIGHT be time for a change.  My parents did some questionable things when I was a child, but nothing this wild. …
The Breast Milk Baby For Kids
A new baby doll out teaches young girls the process of breast feeding. The manufacture, Berjuan Toys, says that the new doll teaches the younger generation the importance of breast feeding, and hopefully this will encouarage them to adopt the practice in their later years.