Is the Celebrity Tweet Becoming the New ‘Autograph’?
Social media has the changed the world in so many ways, there’s hardly anybody that hasn’t experienced its impact, no matter how big or small. Twitter in particular has opened doors to celebrities that us commoners never imagined. Why wait for a star outside a restaurant in Beverly Hills to get a sc…
Whitney Houston Heads Home One Last Time
Whitney Houston is making one last trip home, except this one isn't full of laughs, exciting, and celebration.  According to People Magazine, the funeral for the 48-year-old super star singer will be held later on this week in Newark, New Jersey.
7 Hottest Celebs Reportedly Infected With STD’s
I stumbled across this website today, and I have to admit, it grabbed my attention. I'm not sure how "real" these "accusations" are but allwomenstalk.com complied a list of the 7 Hottest Celebrities Reportedly Infected With STD's. Pam Anderson is one&nbs…
Dumb Tweets @ Celebrities
Twitter is a very popular form of social media used by celebrities, but when you are trying to "connect" with your favorite celebrity...please watch what you ask!
Yearbook Photos of Famous Musicians
The Internet is freaking out over this angelic yearbook photo of an elementary-school-age Kanye West, so we decided to round up some of our favorite yearbook photos of famous musicians. Click through to see who was awkward and who was...slightly less awkward...