Ashton Kutcher’s Alleged Mistress’ Photos Revealed
We have all heard the rumors that Ashton Kutcher has been cheating on his wife, Demi Moore, but now photos have surfaced of his alleged mistress. While neither party has come out and acknowledged the rumored affair, several sources are saying that Moore has been in contact with a high-profile divorc…
Is Swizz Beatz Cheating on Alicia Keys?
Is karma biting Alicia Keys in the butt? The singer and her husband, rapper/producer Swizz Beatz, got together while he was still married — though he was separated at the time — and now the producer is being accused of cheating again.
Stud In J-Lo Music Video Denies Reports Of Affair With Singer
Late last week we learned that Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony were ending their seven year marriage. While both say that the split is a mutal agreement, we could not help but speculate if one in the relationship went outside of the relationship circle to explore their options. Now, according to TMZ…