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Office Daiquiri Party
Digital walks into an Office Daiquiri Party in the lobby of our studios here at Hot 107.9 and he speaks too soon. For some reason, we feel like we've seen this situation before.
Billboard’s New Social 50 Music Chart
Billboard has a brand new Chart! The Billboard Social 50! It compiles a list of the most interactive artists using social media, sites like My Space, You Tube, Facebook and more. Should be pretty interesting to check out every week.
#10 Shakira
#9 Linkin Park
#8 Ke$ha
To check out the entire T…
Izzo’s Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary
We celebrated 1 year with one of Acadiana's favorite places to grub. Izzo's Illegal Burrito had their 1st Year Anniversary Event complete with tons of fun for the kids, an iPad giveaway and the 1st ILLEGAL BURRITO EATING COMPETITION. Chris Logan was amongst 25 other contestants competing for 2 ticke…
Chris Logan’s Interview With Flo Rida
Chris Logan had the opportunity to speak to Flo Rida inside the Hot Morning Playhouse. Flo talked about his new Album and gives out his personal cell phone number, listen to the entire interview then call Flo Rida!

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