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What Chris Reed Misses Most From Childhood Years
When we think back upon our childhood years, we reminisce on things that were fun. We also think back upon things that defined the years of our childhood. Whether it was was we did, what we wore, what we watched or listened to, or how we did things, every era is well defined by its surroundings. Now…
Margaritas In-Studio For A Celebration
After much consideration and after taking many of your phone calls LIVE On-Air, Chris Reed, Brad Striker, and "Big D" elected to throw their own party in the studio tonight. Not only is it Cinco de Mayo, its Chris Reed's 1-Year Anniversary.
Chris Reed’s 1-Year Anniversary At ‘Hot’
Its hard to believe that "Cinco De Mayo" marks my one-year anniversary here at HOT 107-9. It was on "Cinco De Mayo" that the Hot Crew and the staff at Townsquare Media welcomed me into the family. And yes, it truly is a family here. In this one-year, so much has h…
‘Big D’ Checks-In From Spring Break (AUDIO)
Coming off of Spring Break for the University Of Louisiana at Lafayette, we sent The Custodian For All Seven Radio Stations, "Big D," to Panama City Beach, Fla to report back On-Air what was going on. Not only was he assigned to this project, he was even the driver of one of those big whit…

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