chris reed

Man, I feel like such a plug since I'm CONSTANTLY secretly filming Chris Reed behind his back .. only to provide you all with his behind the scenes antics ... when I rolled into the studio and saw what he was wearing i HAD NO CHOICE but to hit record.
Chris Reed Hidden Camera Rant (VIDEO)
Chris Reed doesn't have many pet peeves, but one of the few peeves would have to definitely be "people posting food on their Facebook walls". Digital caught one of his rants and secretly recorded it on his iPhone. LOL.
Office Daiquiri Party
Digital walks into an Office Daiquiri Party in the lobby of our studios here at Hot 107.9 and he speaks too soon. For some reason, we feel like we've seen this situation before.
Christmas Gift Perhaps
A listner says she may buy one of these for Chris Reed. This would surely make his show interesting!!! Do you all think this really works, and is REALLY allowed in the work place?
Our Christmas Stress Levels
We ALL have that one thing that raises the stress level during the Holiday Season. Its the one thing that actually makes you consider even celebrating the season. For Chris Reed, it has to be one of the most common things we all do during the Christmas Season
Chris Reed Loses Bet!!!!

Chris Reed recently lost a bet to "Big D," custodian for all seven radio stations, and tonight Reed had to clean the entire building. Seems like "Big D" enjoyed pointing the finger and giving directions!!!!
How Bout Em’ ?
After all the trash talk about Dallas vs. New Orleans on Thanksgiving, Chris Reed returns to the studio for a proper ragging from Digital & Friends. "How Bout' Them Cowboys!"

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