David Cross Did Cocaine Next To President Obama!
Looks like the ’Mr. Show’ and ‘Arrested Development’ star David Cross had a wild hair to take care of back in 2009. Now normally when people feel like taking chances, most would go with jumping off of high cliffs into water, eating something ver…
Bruno Mars’ Cocaine Charge Dissmissed
The singer of It Will Rain is 'squeaky clean' now that he has completed his 200 hours of community service for pleading guilty to cocaine charges.  Not only was Bruno Mars required by court to complete service hours, but he also went above and beyond. What I mean by 'squeaky clea…
Bruno Mars in GQ Magazine
GQ magazine had a recent interview with Bruno Mars, he talked about his cocaine possession charge in Las Vegas, basketball and style.
Coca-Cola Secret Recipe Revealed ???
Coca-Cola says no way .. but Coke historians are saying it's the REAL DEAL. Could it be ? Do average humans like you and I...  have the power to make our own Coca-Cola ??? The recipe for Coca-Cola could be one of the most closely guarded secrets of the soft drink industry and it looks like…
Bruno Mars Dodges A Legal Grenade
Crooner Bruno Mars has seen a lot of the success that Hollywood can offer and last year he got a taste of the pitfalls that it can bring as well. Remember when the bathroom attendant ratted out Bruno and got him busted with cocaine in that stall ?

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