Topless Woman Dances on the Street to Katy Perry Track
Is there really nothing else to do in Wyoming? A woman was recently filmed dancing on the street to music playing in her car by a neighbor. Did we mention the woman was wearing only a bra up top and doesn’t know all the lyrics to ‘Firework’ by Katy Perry?
Parents Hate Dancing Bird’s ‘Devil’ Music [VIDEO]
I've never really considered Willow Smith's song Whip My Hair to be 'devil music,' but if mom and dad says it is....then I guess it goes!  No matter what's going on in this family, I really want their pet bird Larry.....and yes I want take him to a concert one day to sh…
Guy Dances to Michael Jackson At Bayou Country Superfest
So while Chris Reed and I went to Bayou Country Superfest this weekend and enjoyed the entire show, there was one particular point that I believe EVERYONE enjoyed!  If you attended the concert in Baton Rouge this weekend and remember the scene in the stands of Tiger Stadium while Michael Jackso…
Dog Salsa Dances For Food [VIDEO]
For as long as I can remember dogs have been a man's best friend because they are loyal, fun loving companions.  They will stand by your side no matter what.....as long as you have a leash on them!  Most people now days love to show of what their pets are able to do even if its the typical 'jump thr…
Watch As Club-Scene Tots Critique Skrillex & Dubstep Music [VIDEO]
It's no secret, dubstep music is the latest fad amongst many teenagers and young adults. Around the globe, dubstep parties are happening and it seems to be quiet popular amongst those in their college years. However, the folks with Noisey sat a group of tots down and asked them to say what the…
Awesome Dancing Zebra [VIDEO]
I'll admit that I'm a pretty simple guy to please because I like to have fun.  It just takes 3 things to keep me happy.......a great big bucket of vanilla ice cream, comfortable pajamas, and a DANCING ZEBRA!!!

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