Creepy Guy Steals Gold Teeth From Corpses [PHOTOS]
I know everyone has to make a living, but this is on the verge of taking it a little far for a 'Golden Opportunity.'  In Colorado, one of the local embalmers received the cuffs for selling the gold teeth he found in his dead 'patients' mouth.  Normally its not weird whe…
Osama bin Laden Rises From the Dead, Starts
Twitter has seen some zany faux-accounts lately, including a NY Bronx Zoo snake escapee, Adolf Hitler and some random guy's liver.
So when Osama Bin Laden rose from the dead and began tweeting via numerous accounts on Sunday night, it was only a little strange.
Mostly, though, it was funny.
Osama bin Laden Dead: Recapping 24 Unforgettable Hours in History
A late-night announcement made from the White House's East Room on Sunday set the world aflutter, and news of the death of Osama bin Laden quickly spread across the globe.
President Barack Obama announced Sunday night that bin Laden had been killed and his body taken into U.S. custody in Pakistan.
Man Finds Dead Mouse In Can Of Monster Energy Drink (VIDEO)
This story is NOT for anyone with a weak stomach, so before you read on, you have been warned. Assuming you're still here, allow me to continue. Over a year ago on March 20, 2010, 19 year-old Vitaliy Sulzhik went into a Fred Meyer store in Des Moines, and purchased a Monster Energy Drink. When …
Kim Kardashian In A Coffin For World AIDS Day
World AIDS Day is Wednesday and celebrities are giving up Facebook, Twitter and other social media in order to bring awareness to the cause and raise money. It is a great cause, but I wonder if they can REALLY give up social media?