R. Kelly’s Death A Hoax
2012 has been a year of the Death Hoax....Remember Justin Bieber, Ryan Gosling, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown and Jon Bon Jovi just to name a few. Now, for the latest hoax.....R. Kelly. Reports of R. Kelly's death surfaced online early this morning. It wasn't long before R. Kelly himself, killed the rumor …
Suge Knight Says That He Believes 2Pac Is Still Alive [VIDEO]
For well over 15 years we have heard the rumors that 2pac isn't really dead. From questionable tabloid sightings to Dave Chappelle's hilarious skit featuring a track where 2pac raps about things that happened after his death, we have had more than enough fuel to the rumors that insist 2pac…
Usher Victim of Death Hoax
Usher‘s not dead. Twitter told us so. After the R&B superstar fell victim of a death hoax that went viral on the web, he tweeted to let fans know that he is alive and well, and even shared a photo of him flexing his ripped abs to prove it.
93 Unclaimed Bodies To Get Proper Funeral In Lafayette Parish
A disturbing story has been reported via American Press and it has to do with 93 bodies that have yet to be claimed in Lafayette Parish. In the last 20 years, there have been 93 people that have died in Lafayette Parish, and no family member or friend has come forth to claim the body.
Louisiana Teen Allegedly Kills Cousin With Pro-Wrestling Style Hold
A sad story coming out of our home state, Louisiana, says that two cousins who were watching WWE WrestleMania 28 on Sunday night engaged in certain type wrestling hold that they saw on television. According to MSN, a 14-year-old Louisiana boy accidentally killed his 22-year-old cousin Sunday night w…
Whitney Houston’s Family Investigating Death Scene Photo Leaks
Whitney Houston‘s body has been laid to rest and her cause of death has reportedly been determined, but for her family, the hard work of coming to terms with her untimely death has just begun — and part of that work will include attempting to track down a photographer who took unauthor…

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