Behind-The-Scenes With ‘Big D’ (VIDEO)
Over the Mardi Gras week, Chris Reed and Digital left the "Hot Studio" a little messy. When Chris Logan returned from vacation, he asked that Custodian For All Seven Radio Stations, "Big D," pass the vacuum in the the studio.
Jacee Badeaux Stops By LIVE In Studio
Things can get a little overwhelming when you go from the lifestyle of an average 15 yr old high school sophomore to the lifestyle of one of the most popular people in your city, recognized LITERALLY everywhere you go. This is "life" as of late for recent American Idol castoff, Jac…
Chris Reed Hidden Camera Rant (VIDEO)
Chris Reed doesn't have many pet peeves, but one of the few peeves would have to definitely be "people posting food on their Facebook walls". Digital caught one of his rants and secretly recorded it on his iPhone. LOL.
Office Daiquiri Party
Digital walks into an Office Daiquiri Party in the lobby of our studios here at Hot 107.9 and he speaks too soon. For some reason, we feel like we've seen this situation before.
How Bout Em’ ?
After all the trash talk about Dallas vs. New Orleans on Thanksgiving, Chris Reed returns to the studio for a proper ragging from Digital & Friends. "How Bout' Them Cowboys!"
The House Divided at Hot 107.9
It's the game that we have been waiting for here at Hot 107.9 in the 2010 NFL season. Chris Reed, a die hard Dallas fan had nerve to wear this shirt 2 days before the battle. Being that the rest of the Hot Crew, along with the majority of others in the building at Townsquare Media are Saints fa…
Drake Celebrates GQ ‘Man of the Year’ Honor
Drake beat out our very own Digital and Dave Steel to become the cover man for GQ Magazine
Drake was named one of GQ’s Men of the Year last year along with Kid Cudi and Wale, but this year, he scored his own cover of the men’s magazine...
Digital Chats with the New Boyz
Digital got a chance to sit and chat with the New Boyz about skinny jeans, and how girls have influenced the sound on their new album "Too Cool to Care". Listen to the audio after the jump!