Facebook Photo Results In Raid Of Gun Instructor’s Home
Shawn Moore, a firearms instructor, posted this photo of his 11-year-old son on Facebook, and it resulted in a visit from the New Jersey Police and personnel from Family Services. The gun the kid is holding is a .22 rifle, a copy of the AR-15, but a 22 caliber.
Facebook Launches New News Feed Design — Again
Just when you finally got used to the latest Facebook News Feed design, they're changing it again. Facebook announced it's newly designed News Feed feature today, and according to the social media powerhouse, you can look forward to less clutter and more visuals.
Have You Taken a Break From Facebook? Many Have
If Facebook was anything like Friendster and MySpace it would be only available in  Malaysia or reduced to a Justin Timberlake vanity product.
Yes, the Harvard-born social network has beat the odds and looks like it will be around for the long-haul. In fact, the latest debate surr…
Instagram Can Now Sell Your Photos
Instagram has announced today that it basically has the right to sell your photographs without compensating you, much less notifying you about it. Naturally, this has caused quite the uproar amongst both users and non-users of the photo-sharing site.

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