Bride Falls At Wedding…Fail or Staged?
You Tube is filled with Wedding videos right? Some great, some not so great, wedding party dances to Thriller, even the classic Chris Brown 'Forever' dance down the aisle. These days, brides and grooms are looking for a way to make their wedding unique! After the third time I watched …
Planking Fails – Face, Meet Oven And More [NSFW – VIDEO]
You knew it was happening, but no one ever posted it. Planking is fairly simple to understand, but can be difficult to do, depending on your strength and the strength of the materials you're planking on. I bet this girl wishes she wasn't rolling tape until she was done. As you would imagin…
Kid Falls Off Escalator, Manager Saves The Day [VIDEO]
This shows that you don't have to be a fireman, policeman or other traditional career to be a hero. Check out this security camera surveillance where a kid decides to ride on the wrong side of the escalator (hint, he's not standing on the tread, but hanging on the outside rail).

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