Pot-smoking Mom Is Tired Of Being Judged
No matter what you have heard lately smoking marijuana is illegal in the United States, even if you don't get caught.  I used to think it was only the big time celebrities who could really get away with a little 'puff puff pass,' but it looks like a couple of mothers are jumping …
Groom Cheats On Bride At Their OWN Wedding Reception
I guess there won't be a honeymoon anytime soon for these two.  I'm not saying it's right by any standards, but wouldn't you wait a couple of months before 'doing the deed?'  Looks like the waitress he had fun with that night wasn't at the reception just …
Nurse Fired After Abusing Newborn Babies
I think it is safe to say this intern will NEVER be working at a hospital again.  If you never received the memo, you are supposed to treat new born babies with extreme care....and taking pictures while their heads are bobbing are not considered safe.
Returning Soldier Surprises Family at KFC [VIDEO]
We’ve all seen the heartwarming videos of soldiers stationed overseas surprising their children stateside with early returns home.
And that’s how this video of Capt. Cherissa Jackson, who had been deployed in Afghanistan, begins, with mom surprising her …

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