Shia LaBeouf Beaten To The Ground In Fist Fight [VIDEO]
This dude must have really hated Transformers 3, because as you can see in the opening of this video he is working actor Shia LaBeouf over on the ground. He is also shirtless, which is a bit disturbing, but what is more disturbing is that moment after someone gets their ass kicked, where their frien…
Boxer Throws Punches at Referee [VIDEO]
Referee Manfred Küchle stopped a WBO super-middleweight title fight between Robert Stieglitz and Khoren Gevor in 10th round after he ruled that Gevor had intentionally head-butted Stieglitz, opening a gash above his right eye.
Gevor was disqualified for his illegal move, which didn't sit well the Arm…

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