Burger King Fires This ‘Lettuce-Stomper’ From Cleveland
As soon as this anonymous Burger King employee posted this picture of him stomping on lettuce, with his shoes on, that was to be used on burgers, his location was quickly pinpointed!!! The photo was posted on 4Chan, a site known for hacking and interfering in daily internet traffic, clearly shows th…
Reporter By Day, Stripper By Night
Its pretty common now days for people to have more than one job especially in certain industries.  Sarah Tressler was a reporter for the Houston Chronicle, but since she needed some extra cash...she decided to go with another job that has more of a 'hands on' approach.
Waiter Fired Over Twitpic Of Tip Peyton Manning Left Him
According to Yahoo Sports, a waiter working at Angus Barn Steakhouse in Raleigh, N.C. was fired after he took a photo of a receipt left behind by football player Peyton Manning. Manning is currently  visiting several markets around the country as he continues his search for a new team. Apparently so…