Chris Reed’s Top-5 Songs Of 2012 [VIDEO]
This morning I played my Top-5 Songs Of The Year, not that my list really means anything, and my top song of the year came from an artist we knew nothing about a year ago. Here are the Top-5 songs I personally think had the biggest impact on the music industry in 2012.
Flo Rida Served With Summons on Facebook
Legal officials in Australia are so determined to make sure that Flo Rida pays for damages he caused for not showing up at a festival, they hit him with a summons via Facebook. According to the Daily Telegraph, the country’s District Court allowed a promoter to subpoena the Miami rap…
Man Attempts To Rob A Florida Bank With Shorts On His Head
I have always been a fan of dumb criminal stories, and here is another one for the books. A man wearing SHORTS over his head walked into a bank in Florida and demanded that the teller give him all her 20 & 50 bills. However, when she asked what he wanted, the man simply replied," ne…
Florida Woman Blames Her Large Breasts For Failing Sobriety Test
A Florida woman has a unique excuse in explaining why she failed a recent field sobriety test. Maureen Jane Raymond, from Port St. Lucie, about 110 miles north of Miami, was arrested in Jensen Beach on Jan. 29 after she was noticed traveling at speed and crossing the yellow double line before park…

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