Rebecca Black May Take ‘Friday’ Producers to Court
We saw this coming from a mile away. After Friday comes Saturday. Then after that comes Sunday. Then, the next day, is the day where Rebecca Black is ready to cash in on her not-so-successful success. According to Rolling Stone, Black and her mother Georgina Marquez Kelly (who initially paid for the…
Lady Gaga Calls Rebecca Black A ‘Genius’
Lady Gaga recently sat with Google and did a special 'Google Goes Gaga' interview where she weighed in on the 13 year old YouTube sensation that the world now knows as Rebecca Black (singer of the not-so-good-but-still-insanely-popular song 'Friday') Gaga who believes in everyone…
Breakfast Jam On Demand
Breakfast Jam On Demand! If you missed it or want to listen again, here ya go, Enjoy! Check out Chris Logan in the mix with the Breakfast Jam every Friday morning at 9am.