Titanic SUPER 3D Parody [VIDEO]
Honestly, this is the FIRST VIDEO parody made about a movie that I have ever seen.  Lately, a lot of movies that were made in the past are coming back into theaters as 3D features.  With that being said, SOME shows should never be made in 3D, which is why I'm glad this came out!
April Fools’ Prank Locks Down Neighborhood
April Fools is the one day out of the year where we put on our game faces and try to fool our friends with the best joke we have.  The biggest and most popular one I've seen on Facebook was the legendary 'Pregnancy Status.'   If you want to freak out your parents in a safe way.....this is the easies…
President Obama Sings LMFAO’S ‘Sexy And I Know It’ [VIDEO]
LMFAO has been coming out with a ton of hits lately that have been so catchy, even the President is jumping on board!  Just in case your wondering, President Obama did not take the time out of his busy schedule to sing us a song.  Some talented video editor did take the time to show off hi…
Ohh No It’s Almost Bikini Season [VIDEO]
Ohh no the season is almost here ladies!! That means the tanning beds are cranking up and the last minute work outs are getting under way.  Did I mention the crash dieting to fit into that 'Special Swimsuit?'  Bikini season is the one time of the year where the guys enjoy and SOM…
Police Get Pranked!!!! [VIDEO]
Ok, I don't know if this was staged or what, but mad props go to these guys for getting away with it.  Let me introduce to you 'Fake Peeing In The Park.'  Of course urinating in public is wrong, but faking it with a water bottle seems like a pretty good idea(I got a chuckle …
The Dubstep Cat [VIDEO]
I was never a huge cat fan, but watching one dance to dubstep is super awesome.  Some people compare dancing to dubstep to having a seizure.  There is no real order of movements, but there is a lot of freaking out!

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