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7 GOOD Things That Happened So Far In 2016
With many bad things being portrayed in the news, including shootings, celebrity deaths, and more, I thought it was time that we list off some of the GOOD things that have happened so far this year.
Insane BMX Triple Back Flip [VIDEO]
The boundaries of what can be done on a BMX bike have been pushed back just a little further with this amazing triple black flip. Jed Mildon, a native of New Zealand performed the stunt in front of representatives from the Guiness Book of World Records,
Lil Wayne Destroys Oreo’s Facebook ‘Likes’ World Record
Marketers around the world have had their eyes glued to Lil Wayne's Facebook page. Why ?? Well because Lil Wayne set out to get the World Record for most Facebook "Likes" in 24 hours .. and he set out to do this just 4 hours after Oreo Cookies Facebook page posted that THEY we…