20 Must-Have 2013 Hip-Hop And R&B Songs
This year has already proven to be memorable in music and we're only three full months in. Thus far, there's a comeback from R&B veteran Justin Timberlake, who came out of nowhere and answered our long-awaited requests with a new album. Then there's Beyonce, who made headlines -- both good and b…
Chris Brown Believes That Hip-Hop Is Dead
Chris Brown has the rap forums abuzz over remarks he made about hip-hop in an interview with Fuse TV (spotted at Complex). The R&B crooner believes that hip-hop is dying off as a brand (or genre) because of its lack of marketability and profitability.
Justin Timberlake Gives Another Hip-Hop History Lesson
Maybe this is a transition from movies back to music.
Though he has pop roots, Justin Timberlake knows his rap, too. The ‘In Time‘ star stopped by ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’ to promote his new movie and show off both his hip-hop and humor prowess.
Forbes Richest Rappers
Who would you consider the richest rapper? Jay Z would have to be mentioned...50 Cent? Birdman? Forbes magazine named the richest guys in Hip Hop, check it out.
Beatbox History of Hip Hop [VIDEO]
Had the latest fast rapper earlier, now a beat-box historian bringing you nearly 3 decades of hip-hop in 4 minutes. (Parental advisory, some lyrical content may be inappropriate, especially after the 3 minute mark).