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See What Happens When Christmas Goes Dubstep [VIDEO]
For Halloween we saw a house sync their lights to the sounds of "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO. With technology and new levels of creativity, we are seeing more and more people decorate their homes for holidays using chasers and other DMX packs to sync their lights to the sounds of music. Th…
LMFAO Visits Home Decorated ‘Party Rock’ Style [VIDEO]
The Pop Group LMFAO has been on every radio station around the country, and recently made an apperence on ABC's Good Morning America. However, the duo found time to visit a home in Riverside, California that was decorated "Party Rock Style" to see the light show first-hand.
Halloween Light Show 2011 – Party Rock Style [VIDEO]
We have seen families do this during the Christmas season, but now the fancy light show on your arrives just in time for Halloween. Could you imagine ever living next door to someone that does this to their house during a holiday? See what one family did to their house this Halloween season, and wat…