Helicopter Pilot That Uses A Helicopter Like An Ice Skater [VIDEO]
This has got to be the craziest helicopter stunt ever pulled. I've seen some crazy stunts during the Winter X-Games and even the winter Olympics, but this takes it all. It might even be the next X-games event, who knows. Watch as this helicopter pilot skates across this iced pond at full speed, then…
MIT Student Invents Ice That Tattles On Binge Drinkers [VIDEO]
When it comes to ice, we only want it to do one thing -- make our drinks cold. We certainly don't want it to snitch to our friends after we've had one too many. But a MIT student has invented exactly that -- digital ice that monitors how quickly someone is drinking and sends out an alert w…
So Why Are People Freaking Out About The Weather ?
Well, it's pretty simple. We aren't used to it. Down south we rarely see temperatures like this. (which is why you're SOOOOOO cold today) And since we don't see temperatures like this too often, we also don't exactly know how to act in it ... or drive in it.