iPhone 5 Spoof Points Out Phone’s Many Shortcomings
The new iPhone 5 looks great, but we did have concerns about "scroll fatigue" and not being able to take one of those snazzy panoramic shots with just one click. That's why these guys came up with a phone that is nearly 800% taller than the original iPhone...
New Update For Facebook iPhone, iPad App – Twice As Fast
It took long enough, but Facebook has finally released an update for it's iPhone/iPad app, and it actually features improvements! In addition to the upgraded features, the update to Facebook's mobile platform adds noticeable speed - more than twice as fast as the previous version.
Facebook Camera For iPhone Is Just Like Instagram, Just Not As Good
A few weeks ago, Facebook announced that it was purchasing mega-popular mobile photo-sharing app Instagram for somewhere in the neighborhood of $1 billion (Dr. Evil voice). Now that they own the best mobile phot0-sharing app in the world, what's the next move? Duh - they release Facebook Camera for …
The Iphone Apps That Will Make You Look Old, Fat, & Bald
While I am not too sure as to why you want to see yourself this way, but if you'd like to see what you may look like one day (old, fat, and bald) there is iphone app available for you. The trio of iPhone apps simulates, with frightening realism, the sad, fat, bald old man or woman that we are …

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