Twilight Top 40 Parody [VIDEO]
Personally I've never REALLY been one for 'Twilight', but since this video came out........it has my attention.  May I present to you the new and improved 'Top 40 Version of Twilight" where Jacob is THAT much cooler!
Jacob, Isabella Top Baby Names List for 2010
Jacob and Isabella topped the Social Security Administration's annual list of popular baby names, released Thursday.
Yes, those are also the names of two main characters in a certain vampire-based romance saga. But before 'Twilight' fans get too cocky, realize that Edward came in at 13…
‘Swamp People’ Season 2 Starts Tonight (VIDEO)
One of my favorite shows cranks up with an all new season tonight. 'Swamp People' is a show on The History Channel that features gator hunters right here in our backyard of Cajun Country. Season 2 brings us new cast members and also our favorites from Season 1.