7 Ways Japan Is Super-sizing The Fast Food Industry
Japan has had, over the years, size issues. Being a small island country, they've had to adjust the building procedures upwards to account for the population growth. In the US, we've got your average, run-of-the-mill sized monsters, while in Japan they've got Godzilla.
I'm not su…
Japan Stuns Team USA to Win Women’s World Cup 3-2
Team USA had already beaten Japan three times this year, but this was the game that mattered most.
The American women, seeking their first World Cup title since 1999, dominated during much of the final game on Sunday. They outshot Japan by a 29-12 margin and a 6-3 margin on goal and led twice. But in…
Japan Rocked By Another Earthquake
Adding insult to injury, still recovering from the earthquake in March, Japan has been hit by another earthquake, this time a 7.4 off Miyagi, which is not too far away from Fukishima. From the Associated Press:
Japanese Man Rescued 9 Miles Out To Sea
His name is Hiromitsu Shinkawa. He is 60 years old and for 2 days he was floating on the rooftop of his house 10 miles out to sea. He is believed to have been washed out when the tsunami that roared ashore in his home town of Minami Soma (Fukushima prefecture) retreated back out to sea, taking Shink…

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