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Italian Media Blasts Jersey Shore
The Jersey Shore cast shouldn't expect a warm welcome when they arrive in Italy to begin filming the fourth season of their MTV show. Jersey Shore recently started airing in Italy and has been met with outrage.
Jersey Shore Drama!
On Thursday night's "Jersey Shore," Sammi Giancola punched her on-again-off-again boyfriend Ronnie Ortiz-Magro in the jaw after she found out he had reconciled with her mortal enemy and housemate ìJwowwî Farley.
Over the years, Jersey Shore has featured guy-on-…
‘Jersey Shore’ Heads Overseas
In the "I didn't see this one coming" category, it appears that the cast of the Jersey Shore are headed off to find their Guido roots (and not the ones near their scalps). This screams international incident, and hopefully the only Situations that appear are on-screen, for eve…
J-“WOW” Shows Off New Body
MTV's 'Jersey Shore' gave Jenni Farley stardom, almost overnight .. except with Farley .. there is no "overnight" because she is usually partying "all night". We know Jenni as "JWoww", and you can take that literally because the 5&…
Jersey Shore’s Vinny Has New Years Plan
Just in case you had that question burning inside your head, "What does Vinny from Jersey Shore have planned for New Years Eve?", you can put that fire out right now. Check out Vinny's video plans.
The Situation Messes Up On Film
Leave it to the coolest dude on earth (debatable) to take his uncool moments and turn them into something even cooler than his original cool. The Situation has a workout DVD and even the BLOOPERS have a preview.

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