Reporter By Day, Stripper By Night
Its pretty common now days for people to have more than one job especially in certain industries.  Sarah Tressler was a reporter for the Houston Chronicle, but since she needed some extra cash...she decided to go with another job that has more of a 'hands on' approach.
Strip Club Looking To Hire High School Students
I know everyone is looking for a job in today's economy, but this might be pushing the envelope a bit.  Emperors Gentlemen’s Club in Riviera Beach, Florida said they posted the advertisement as a joke, but I'm not really seeing the punch line.
Lottery Winner Refuses To Quit Job
If you won $700,000 would you quit your job or at least look for a new one?  21-year-old Alexandra Chaar refuses to quit her job serving at a Mexican restaurant in Clearwater, Florida.  I understand you might be happy and you probably get free drinks and margaritas on the house, but I woul…
Just Another Day At The Cobra Pit Job (VIDEO)
This guy could quite possibly have the most dangerous job. I got chills just watching him work. I'm waiting for him to have his own show on A&E or The History Channel. WOW. Watch the video and see for yourself !