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Should Kim Kardashian Give Back Her Wedding Gifts?
It's a normal day in Karadashian land; which of course means there is a national controversy and everyone is talking about them. The headline stealing family is never far away from the front page of gossip tabloids and today is no different. The current topic: wedding etiquette.
Kim Kardashian Divorce On Reality TV
As if fighting over the divorce wasn't bad enough, now they want to put this bad boy on TV!  According to TMZ, Kris Humphries' lawyer want to put the entire trial on television, so they can PROVE that Kim had no intention of staying married to him. I have never asked this before, but why would you m…
Kim Kardashian Shows Lots Of Cleavage In Latest Tweet
In a recent tweet, Kim Karadashian showed off more than just her new hairstyle. Following her divorce to Kris Humphres, Kim Kardashian did what most ladies do following a break-up. Once she has a new hairstyle, Kim went to the social media world and posted a very SEXY photo of herself.
Kris Humphries Gets Booed Out Of Madison Square Garden [VIDEO]
The man that was married to Kim Kardashain for 72-days returned to the hardwood court in New York's Madison Square Garden last night and the New York fans let him have it!!! Kris Humphries was greeted with by the fans with deafening boos for several minutes as he entered into the game between t…

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