Proposed Bill To Ban Dogs In Truck Beds Heads To House Floor
We have all seen dogs riding in the bed of truck once or twice, and now one State Representative from Kenner, Thomas Willmott, wants to outlaw unrestrained dogs from riding in the back of trucks. His bill, House Bill 1091, passed through a committee by the vote of 12-2 and now heads to the house flo…
Should Louisiana Legalize Marijuana??? [POLL]
This week we learned that the states of Colorado and Washington passed a law that legalized marijuana in their respective states. It seems to be an on-going debate that the recreational drug should be legal throughout the United States. However, we all know that is not the case.
Cops & Judges Caught Using Secret Codes On Tickets [VIDEO]
Let's face it, no one enjoys getting a traffic ticket. Be it speeding, texting while driving or any of the numerous other reasons you may see those blue lights in your rear view, it's simply never a pleasant experience. But what if you weren't in the wrong, and you decide to fight tha…