Man Caught Peeing In Front Yard Sues Google Street View [VIDEO]
Maybe you have seen the "Google Mobile" come though your neighborhood once or twice, and you ask yourself, "what is that?" Google has several automobiles equipped with cameras and all that they do is drive around the country/world documenting streets via still images. Well in Fra…
Erin Andrews Files $10 Million Lawsuit Over Nude Video
When staying in a hotel, there is an expectation of privacy, right? Well, ESPN correspondent Erin Andrews lost that privacy big time in 2008 when video was taken of her naked through a hole in her hotel room wall and then leaked onto the Internet. Andrews is now filing suit.
Bruno Mars Sues Publisher Over Contract Dispute
Bruno Mars is going through a breakup and it looks like it may get ugly. The chart-topper filed a lawsuit against his music publisher, Bug Music, claiming the company refuses to let him out of his contract, despite having fulfilled his end of their agreement.

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