The Best Way To Market Safe Sex
When companies want to market their products for people to buy, the first alternatives that come to mind are radio and television advertising.  Think about how many ads you see on TV for products that come out...there are a ton!  You can choose to write a big check to make a commercial abo…
Did Bruno Mars Come Out of the Closet?
Twitter and the rest of the Internet were abuzz this weekend, albeit briefly, about Bruno Mars. Why? A reputable website reported that the ‘Lazy Song’ singer came out as a homosexual. But was it true?
10 Useful Clothing Tricks In 60 Seconds [VIDEO]
Its pretty safe to say everyone has been in a situation were they are constantly on the move and most of the time we neglect doing something at the house.  I know for myself its always folding clothes and if your in my situation, I found a video that can help us out!
What Attractive Women Want In Men
What do MOST attractive women want in a man? What traits do these women look for in a man? Well, according to askmen, here is what women look for in a man. We also discuss this tonight on the show with Chris Reed On-Air after 8pm.