Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Follows the Wanted To London
Lindsay Lohan is the biggest groupie for the Wanted, like, ever. The sometime actress and onetime nascent pop star in her own right is blowing off her court date, slated for tomorrow (Dec. 12) in Los Angeles, since she will be across the pond in the U.K., following the boy band around like a lost pu…
Lindsay Lohan Arrested Thursday Morning In New York City
Several sources are reporting this morning that actress Lindsay Lohan has been arrested in New York City this morning after she was allegedly involved in a New York City nightclub brawl. TMZ reports that Lohan was ARRESTED at 4 AM Thursday in New York City for allegedly punching a woman at a ni…
Lindsay Lohan Is Dating A Former Ragin Cajun Cheerleader!
It came out recently that Lindsay Lohan has a new boyfriend. It just so happens that the guy in question is 25 year old L.A. fitness trainer Josh Chunn, who studied nursing at UL! He was also a Ragin Cajun Cheerleader! Keep reading for some details.
Dina + Lindsay Lohan Have a Fight That Requires Police Presence
It's been a couple weeks since Lindsay Lohan had a face-to-face with the boys in blue, so hey, maybe she's turning over a new le--oh wait.
Reset your timers, because early Wednesday morning, the wayward actress had a brawl with her mother that resulted in a 911 call. (Seriously, TLC, how d…
Lindsay Lohan Says She Was Bullied as a Kid
Lindsay Lohan is such a willing target that picking on her these days almost seems like kicking a puppy (if the puppy had terrible judgment and a lengthy rap sheet).
But according to her, the "bullying" she endures from the press isn't her first go-round with disparaging remark…

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