Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Says She Was Bullied as a Kid
Lindsay Lohan is such a willing target that picking on her these days almost seems like kicking a puppy (if the puppy had terrible judgment and a lengthy rap sheet).
But according to her, the "bullying" she endures from the press isn't her first go-round with disparaging remark…
Lindsay Lohan Arrested — AGAIN!!!
Reports out this morning say that actress Lindsay Lohan was arrested in downtown Manhattan for allegedly fleeing the scene of accident. Reports say that she clipped a pedestrian at a slow speed while driving her Porsche Cayenne.
Lady Gaga Posts Photos of Lindsay Lohan Slumber Party
We told you Lady Gaga was using her site as an exclusive way to share tons of stuff with the little monster contingent. The singer just posted photos from the Sleepover of the Century, which was attended by former rising star Lindsay Lohan.
Gaga shared the images last night and if …
Lindsay Lohan Owes a Tanning Salon $40K
It turns out that the strange color of Ooompa Loompa orange that Lindsay Lohan’s skin has turned doesn’t happen naturally. It also doesn’t happen for free. Poor orange LiLo is having trouble with the court again, this time over a tanning bill.
Entire Lindsay Lohan Playboy Photo Spread Leaked Online
Whoops! I guess this is what $1 million gets you. When we got the news that actress turned troublesome socialite Lindsay Lohan was doing a full nude spread for Playboy, who DIDN'T think these pictures would leak early? Shame on you if you bet against it because the NSFW pictures have leaked for…
Lindsay Lohan Gets 30 Days In Jail??
Lindsay Lohan was back in court today to face jail time for violating her probation.  Judge Stephanie Sautner handed Lindsay a 30 Day jail sentence with NO house arrest. Lindsay headed into court today complaining of food poisoning, but admitted she violated her probation by not attending therapy se…

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