Angry Cat Will Not Let Mailman Deliver Mail [VIDEO]
Mailmen have it rough as it is. They have to deliver the mail in rai,n sleet or snow. What ever the day brings they have to be out there delivering the mail to us. It's been their policy since day one. It's bad enough they have to watch out for big dogs and people trying to rob them on a daily basis…
Crazy Lady Accuses Mailman Of Stalking Her [VIDEO]
Talk about a whack job! Watch as this lady harasses this mailman doing his job. She's accusing him of stalking her, and that he shows up everyday at the same time, LOL!  Well, of course he does, he's the mailman.
Mailman Took 7,000+ Coupons
Often when we get our coupons in the mail, we go them and dispose of what we are not interested in. But would you even really notice if you didn't receive your coupons? One mailman took it upon himself hoping that those he delivers to would do just that, not notice they weren't getting the…