Legalized Pot In Louisiana – Legislature Will Discuss The Options
There is a new and different scent on the breeze blowing in from Baton Rouge. Could it be the smell of marijuana? With some states opting to decriminalize the sale and recreational use of pot beginning with the new year, it seems only natural for lawmakers in our state to consider the options as wel…
Miss Iowa Mistakenly Endorses Marijuana For Recreational Use [VIDEO]
We watch Miss America pageants for more than just their intelligence. lol
We watch it for the mess ups, kind of like how we watch NASCAR for the wrecks. You know something bad is going to happen, but when? So we wait for a slip of the nip or a slip on the floor. Anything can happen at anytime. Then i…
Pet Alligator Guards Marijuana Stash
Is it me or has Marijuana been in the news a lot lately? Take notes Justin Bieber, this will ensure you that no one will take pics of you smoking the sticky icky. Get a pet gator to guard your stash.

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