morganza spillway

How Long Will It Take Flood Water To Travel South???
So many of you have been asking, "when will the water reach me?" Well, if your area is in the shaded areas, this is a time frame for when potential flood waters could reach your area from the time the Morganza Spill Way was open (3pm Saturday Afternoon).
Butte La Rose Man Builds Own Levee To Fight Flood
As citizens in parts of  South Louisiana prepare for perhaps the worst flooding of all-time, some people are taking things into their own hands. While many may packing their "life" up and moving to higher ground, some have decided to "ride it out," and protec…
Map Of Potential Flooding From Morganza Spillway Opening
With the potential opening of the spillway, areas south are facing evacuation measures. From the Morganza Spillway south to the Gulf of Mexico, thousands of Louisiana citizens will be affected. Please heed the evacuation notices, as we have ample time to prepare. Click here for a larger view of the …