Justin Bieber’s Music Videos Disappear From YouTube
Justin Bieber was a victim to a cyber thief recently as all of his music videos were removed from his YouTube account. A YouTube user who goes by the name iLCreation submitted a copyright claim on each of Bieber's videos... including the "Baby" video which has over 600 MILLI…
2011 MTV Video Music Awards Winners
Another year has come and gone in regards to the MTV Video Music Awards. While there weren't any really outrageous moments in last nights show, the performances seemed to be quiet solid. Adele's performance may have stolen the show, yet it was Lady Gaga's entire acting performance tha…
The Official ‘Jersey Shore’ Aging Timeline
Jersey Shore: Season 4 in Italy starts tonight, but we wanted to take a look at how this ALL got started. So thanks to our friends at Buzzfeed we got our hands on the definitive Jersey Shore Aging Timeline. Where did it all start? When did it all go wrong their rise to fame begin?

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