Guy Does 90s Hits Acapella [VIDEO]
If your a 90s junkie like myself or if you have mad respect for talent, this video is for you!  Not only did this cat drop some of the biggest hits from the 90s, but he did it with his OWN from his mouth.  When you are good enough to drop Coolio's "Gangster&apo…
Parents Hate Dancing Bird’s ‘Devil’ Music [VIDEO]
I've never really considered Willow Smith's song Whip My Hair to be 'devil music,' but if mom and dad says it is....then I guess it goes!  No matter what's going on in this family, I really want their pet bird Larry.....and yes I want take him to a concert one day to sh…
Breakfast Jam On Demand For Friday May 18th [AUDIO]
Friday Morning we had yet another edition of the "Friday Morning Breakfast" on the radio. Brought to you by Express Employment, this segment has quickly become the HOTTEST HOUR in all of radio!! This week the mix featured artists like Sir Mix-A-Lot, DJ Taz, Clay-D, and MORE!!
Watch As Club-Scene Tots Critique Skrillex & Dubstep Music [VIDEO]
It's no secret, dubstep music is the latest fad amongst many teenagers and young adults. Around the globe, dubstep parties are happening and it seems to be quiet popular amongst those in their college years. However, the folks with Noisey sat a group of tots down and asked them to say what the…

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