Nerd Has Killer Dance Moves For Kimberly Cole [VIDEO]
This brings another meaning to 'I can cut a rug.'  I have always been a believer in practicing, and you can never get better at something if you don't put yourself out there to learn.  The only exception is that this guy wasn't learning.....such a show off!!
Calvin Harris – Feel So Close [VIDEO]
As the weeks go on, Calvin Harris' song seems to get bigger and bigger.  I've seen the club blow up when I play this record, but at the same time 'Feel So Close' can easily be a relaxation song at the end of a night.
Chris Brown’s ‘Sweet Love’ Lands Online
Chris Brown‘s brand new song ‘Sweet Love’ has landed online, after the singer tweeted that it would be one of two new singles from ‘Fortune,’ which drops May 8. While a machine-like beat rolls through the length of the song, Breezy keeps the sexy met…
Awesome Dancing Zebra [VIDEO]
I'll admit that I'm a pretty simple guy to please because I like to have fun.  It just takes 3 things to keep me happy.......a great big bucket of vanilla ice cream, comfortable pajamas, and a DANCING ZEBRA!!!
The Dubstep Cat [VIDEO]
I was never a huge cat fan, but watching one dance to dubstep is super awesome.  Some people compare dancing to dubstep to having a seizure.  There is no real order of movements, but there is a lot of freaking out!

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